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This revision of the Morgan Motor Company Privacy Policy relates to the changes made in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018.

In preparation for GDPR, Morgan Motor Company have made changes to the business which affect the way we now handle data. These changes have been made to improve both privacy and data handling generally.  Our approach has been to examine the potential risks to data subjects. Where the impact on the data subject has been considered high, Morgan Motor Company have put measures in place to reduce this to an acceptable level.

Data held by Morgan Motor Company about our customers and what we use it for

Data Item
Why we need it
Telephone number
We collect this to:

• Process the order for a vehicle and so we can identify future owner;
• contact you should the need arise during or after production of your vehicle;
• process orders for factory tours;
• arrange credit where necessary.
Date of Birth
For arranging credit and when you hire a vehicle from us.
Driving Licence details
For arranging credit and when you hire a vehicle from us.
Credit card details
To process payments to us
Bank details
When arranging credit or processing payments to us.
Outstanding finance agreements
When arranging finance.
Time at current address
When arranging finance.
Address for the past three years
When arranging finance.
Employer details
When arranging finance.
Passport details
When arranging finance.
Invoices raised
To process payments.
Accident reports
Invoices raised To process payments. Accident reports If you visit our site and have an accident we will record and retain the details for health and safety reasons. If you hire a car and have an accident we retain details for insurance purposes.
Car details
Contact you in the future should the need arise and with you consent retain ownership details in the Morgan Motor Company archives.

Website Data

When you visit our website, we use cookies to analyse the usage of our site.  These do not collect directly identifiable personal data, we examine:

  • Where users originate, for example which search engine.
  • Where they enter the site.
  • How they navigate the site.
  • How long they stay on the site.
  • Where they leave the site.

This information is used to improve the performance of the site and the future user experience.

Your Cookie Settings

Storage of data

All data is stored locally with Morgan Motor Company or in Cloud services located within the European Union (EU).

Data stored locally is held on Morgan Motor Company owned equipment. Security of that data complies to the Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme which includes:

  • Secure boundary controls between Morgan Motor Company and the internet.
  • Controls on access to the data. Access is restricted to only those persons authorised to see the data.
  • Up to date antimalware protection to reduce the risk of data being damaged by malicious software.
  • Regular patching of our software and operating systems to further reduce the risks of a malicious software attack.
  • Secure configuration of our devices removing any known weaknesses.

Sharing of data

Morgan Motor Company will only share your data in the following situations:

  • Storage in the cloud.
  • Communication with specific dealers.
  • We may have to disclose data as instructed by law enforcement agencies.

If you do not want us to share your data as defined above, please contact: [email protected]

Other than for the purposes highlighted above Morgan Motor Company will not share your details with any other third parties.

Data Retention

Customer and potential customer data

If you become a Morgan Owner we will retain, with your consent, details of the car you purchased indefinitely within our archives.  If you do not want us to retain your data as defined above, please contact: [email protected]

If you:

  • Enquire about the purchase of a vehicle;
  • hire a vehicle from us;
  • take a factory tour.

We will retain your details for ten years.

Communicating with you

Morgan Motor Company may communicate with you to:

  • Inform you of new or improved services offered by Morgan Motor Company;
  • Inform you of issues related to your vehicle.

Customers may opt out of the communications at any time by following the instructions in the specific message.

Correction to your data

If the data we hold about you is incorrect, please contact: [email protected] stating what the problem is and what correction is required.  It would aid our investigation if you could provide a screen shot of the issue.