Morgan is committed to maintaining the values and characteristics that have helped establish the brand over its 113-year history. Our future strategy must be both environmentally and socially responsible, considering the needs and desires of the next generations of all Morgan owners, employees and suppliers around the world.

We envision a future in which we can maintain our core traditions, but continue to involve innovation and technology at the heart of our philosophy. We aim to reduce our environmental impacts through production efficiencies, sustainable sourcing and ethical design across our entire operations.

Beyond caring for the environment, our sustainability approach includes a commitment to our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We want our employees to feel proud to work here and are dedicated to attracting the best talent and providing exciting opportunities and progression. Ethical behaviour in our supply chain and business operations provide the foundation for how we positively impact all of our stakeholders.

"Possessing ambition with integrity is a key brand promise for morgan"

Our Priorities

Our sustainability strategy consists of four key pillars:

  1. Blending craftsmanship and technology
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. Behaving responsibly
  4. Supporting our people and our community

Integrating these commitments into our core business strategy will not only ensure that we play our part in contributing to a better environment and society, but will also help us build business resilience, improve value for our business and our stakeholders, and enhance our position as a leading luxury craft manufacturer.

For the environment

Environmental considerations are at the core of our product design, material sourcing and production operations.

We have identified a number of our environmental impacts and are working to address these. These are impacts associated with our operations and manufacturing processes (water and electricity consumption, and waste generation), materials in our products (emissions from energy use and land use impacts to extract and process materials into parts, as well as waste generation at their end of life), and vehicles in use (emissions from gasoline production and combustion).

For our community

Historically a family-run business, the Morgan Motor Company maintains a high degree of closeness and level of trust with the employees and the community at the core of everything the business does. Our ‘family’ atmosphere extends beyond just the actual Morgan family, through to our employees, customers and dealerships, and community.

We are committed to employee wellness and investing in our personnel and their career development through apprenticeships and degree schemes as well as advancing talent through training and development.

We value our corporate citizenship and recognise that we are an important economic driver by contributing to local economic development and supporting local charities. More information about our community and charity activities can be found on our charity page.