Leather Suitcase

Leather Suitcase


For a multitude of years, leather has been the choice of the tasteful traveler who requires a classical luggage item that will withstand the test of time. When choosing an item of leather luggage, you are making an investment into a serious piece that will always stand the test of time.

This sublime suitcase is not only that, but it creates an elite way to travel. Its practical yet unbelievably ornate, and you will find yourself looking for any excuse to use it.

There are two, adjustable buckle straps to help keep it closed, as well as two combination locks for extra security.

There is a sturdy leather handle, embossed beautifully with our ‘Wings’ logo and securely fastened to the side, so you can carry it with ease and peace of mind that it is fully supported. There is also a smaller strap on another side, to help you carry it however is comfortable to you.

There are four, large, rounded studs on two separate sides of the suitcase, meaning that however you’re carrying it, you can put it down without worrying about scratches or blemishes.

Inside there are two fabric straps, two leather buckle straps and three different pocket sizes, really helping to keep safe anything and everything you like to travel with.

Available in black and brown leather, and each comes with a waterproof covering, so its ideal for the back of your Morgan.

Make sure you look at our corresponding luggage straps and bonnet corner protectors too.

We can ship to wherever you are in the world, near or far. To purchase and arrange delivery, please email [email protected] with your enquiry.



Colour – Black / Brown
Material – Leather
Size – W: 77cm H: 48cm D: 21cm



Additional information

Weight 13500 kg

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