Responsible Business

Morgan believes in working as a responsible business, achieved by focusing on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors. At the heart of this lies its commitment across three core areas: to provide its customers with a product aligned with their environment and ethical beliefs, to support the community – locally and nationally – through its CSR (corporate social responsibility) programme, and to minimise its environmental footprint. For more information, please see below or view our sustainably report.

"Possessing ambition with integrity is a key brand promise for morgan"

For the customer

Since Morgan’s inception in 1909, the customer benefit has led our thinking. Our first model, the Runabout three wheeler, provided mobility for the masses in the dawn of the motoring era. Today, our products reflect the environmental and ethical conscience of our customers, and this was at the forefront of the development of the CX-Generation platform that now underpins all our four-wheeled models (see For The Environment section).


For the community

Morgan frequently engages in fundraising and hands-on activity for the community, locally and nationally. In 2020, through the donation of an all-new Plus Four to the BBC’s The Big Night In giveaway, it raised £1.39m to support Children in Need and Comic Relief in their coronavirus relief effort. Furthermore, Morgan has pledged to donate £30,000 over three years to its long-standing partner to Mission Motorsport, a charity supporting ex-service personnel, and in 2019 raised £13,500 for the local St Richard’s Hospice as well as £20,000 for other community projects. Further activity includes an employee volunteering scheme, payroll giving, as well as Morgan’s long-standing apprenticeship scheme.


If you would like to make Morgan aware of any potential charity partnership opportunities, please write to [email protected]

For the Environment

Our CX-Generation platform, released in 2019 and now underpinning all our four-wheeled models, was developed with aim of reducing tailpipe emissions. Overall, it’s seen a halving of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions produced by the range. Meanwhile, our production impact has been slashed, and in 2020 we were certified as sending zero waste to landfill. VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions have been cut by 70%, following a switch to water-based paints, while the company recently became a signatory of the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.