Morgan Motor Company Notebook

This notebook is the perfect addition to your everyday essentials.

For anyone that loves to write, journal, or, doodle the next Morgan design ideas, this notebook will surely become something you can’t leave the house without.

The back inside cover comes with an insert, which you can safely store something that needs slightly more security. It also features a pen loop on the side of the notebook, which will help to prevent the spine over time. There is also an elastic strap to ensure it is held together when not in use, great for keeping the inside of the book free from damage!

The black exterior of the notebook is such a timeless example, made even more beautiful with our Morgan wordmark embossed directly into the front. The Wings have been turned into a truly stunning metal decal, which just elevates this from ordinary to outstanding.

The pages are fully lined & there is a golden bookmark to keep your spot safe.

This would make a great gift, especially if paired with our Morgan Blade Pen. Make sure to have a look at these before you checkout.


In stock

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