Morgan Motor Company Cap Lanyard

This Morgan branded cap lanyard is a multi-functioning tool that we don’t leave home without.

With more length than our original cap lanyard, this one offers so much more variety in what it can do for you. It will hold your photo or guest ID, and tickets for any event (perhaps your next Meet at Morgan). It will even hold sunglasses around your neck, and most importantly, it will keep your beloved Morgan hat from flying off in the wind on your roof-down adventures.

To secure your hat of choice, we recommend clipping one end to the back rim of your hat, and then creating a loop around your neck, securing the other end somewhere along the lanyard itself (as pictured). This gives you the best chance of keeping the hat securely around your neck, even in the event of it getting blown off. You could also secure one end to the hat, snake the rest of the lanyard underneath your t-shirt and then clip the other end onto the waistband of your trousers, so even when standing you will have lots of length to move around freely.

Offered in a black and white colorway that will sit nicely against any outfit.


In stock

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