Leaf Springs - Torque Resistant (pair)

Leaf Springs – Torque Resistant (pair)


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Leaf Springs – Torque Resistant

The Morgan Torque Resistant spring is designed to resist the “wind-up” effect that occurs under hard acceleration. With conventional leaf springs this causes “tramp” where the wheels and axle will bounce and skip with a corresponding loss of traction.

Morgan Torque Resistant springs greatly improve the cars handling and ability to transmit the engines torque through the driven axle to the tarmac resulting in higher rates of acceleration particularly when exiting corners and fast getaways from a standing start.

Morgan Torque Resistant Multi-leaf semi-elliptic springs are British designed and made in Sheffield from British steel and manufactured to an exact standard using an ISO 9002 quality control system to ensure the production processes for forming, tapering, eye rolling and tempering each spring is done to a consistently high standard.


Peso 14 kg