Brooklands - The Official Centenary History by David Venables

It is a deeply impressive work which incorporates the motorcycle racing and the aviation which eventually, due to WWII, displaced racing. Broadly chronological, the book also includes a foray into oddball elements at the Track. Venables even applauds the econ.omic productivity of the site after its closure as he makes clear, there was no realistic way the circuit could have been revived. The current Mercedes development is also included, and the book finishes with appendices and maps by historian Tony Hutchings


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Brooklands, in its centenary year, is celebrated as a British institution of great importance to the history of car racing and aviation.
But, as David Venables reveals in this glorious commemorative volume, the famous Surrey landmark, with its banked race circuit and aircraft manufacturing, hosted many other activities too, from motorcycle and bicycle racing to land speed records, not to mention stunts, wagers and even the odd scandal.


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