The Morgan Plus 4 was the company’s most popular model since its launch in 1950. A versatile and well-balanced sports car, the Plus 4 became a Morgan institution, before being superseded by the all-new Plus Four in 2020.

The Plus 4 represented the sweet spot within Morgan’s diverse and celebrated range of models, possessing more power and performance than the contemporary 4/4, while retaining a level of fuel economy that made it ideal for long distance touring. In its final iteration, produced from 2014 to 2020, it was fitted with a 2.0-litre Ford GDI engine producing 154bhp.

To this day, the experience of driving a Plus 4 is exhilarating, engaging and enjoyable. Its traditional set up is complimented by a modern engine and drivetrain, striking a perfect balance between ‘new and old’. It possesses ample, usable power. Equally comfortable cruising around town or on fast A roads, the Plus 4 has been the Morgan of choice for many owners for seven decades.

Specifiche tecniche

  • Motore Ford GDI 1999cc
  • Cambio manuale Mazda a 5 rapporti
  • Potenza massima 115 kw (154 bhp) @ 6000 rpm
  • Coppia massima 201 Nm (148 lb/ft)
  • Accelerazione da 0 – 62 in 7,5 secondi
  • Velocità massima 118 mph (189 kph)
  • Ciclo combinato 39,8 mpg (7,1 l/100 km)
  • Emissione Co2 (ciclo combinato) 215 g/km
  • Peso a vuoto 927 kg
  • Prezzo di listino from USD69,995.00 *