Morgan Work Servicing

Morgan Works Servicing

Welcome to Morgan Works Servicing, the world’s leading facility for maintaining and servicing new and used Morgan cars. Based at Pickersleigh Road, the historic home of Morgan, our team of skilled and experienced Works Servicing technicians bring with them a wealth of knowledge for Morgans of all ages and model types.

Our fully equipped workshop offers everything from a health check through to a full restoration, all carried out by factory trained technicians and craftsmen, using genuine Morgan parts and accessories.

We are committed to delivering a first class, personal service. This commitment has earned us a well deserved reputation as the pinnacle of Morgan aftercare, whilst the continued satisfaction of our customers proves time and time again, there’s no place like home when servicing your Morgan.

Traditional - Fixed Price Servicing

 Interval ServiceFull Service
Health Check
Lights and electrical check
Windscreen wipers and washer jets check
Seat belt check
Replace oil and filter
Oil and coolant fluid check
Fuel system check
Steering system check and report
Suspension components check and report
Exhaust system check and report
Air conditioning system check (if applicable)
Clutch system check
Wing beading light lubrication
Regrease bonnet tapes and catches
Grease all points on vehicle
Visual check of brake system and operation
Removal of road wheels
Check condition of front brakes
Remove, clean and adjust rear drum brakes
Re adjust side screen fitment where applicable
Adjustment to doors where applicable
Hood operation check and adjustment where required
Check brake fluid condition and report (change on full service)
Cooling system pressure check
Wing stay bolts and front valance bolts check
Wheel alignment check and adjustment
Additional items for Morgan 3 Wheeler
Bevel Box oil change
Cam Belt Check (replacement recommended at 30,000 miles or 3 years) *
Rear wheel removal and brake inspection
Drive belt check
Visual check Centra Drive Rubbers
Visual check of oil lines

Traditional - Pricing

ModelHealth Check (Excl. VAT)Interval Service (Excl. VAT)Full Service (Excl. VAT)
3 Wheeler£65.00£376.96£545.00
4 / 4£65.00£403.66£735.96
Plus 4£65.00£431.04£753.41
Roadster 3.7£65.00£426.57£758.75
Plus 8 / Aero 8£65.00£536.00£924.90


Please note: all prices are ex. VAT.

Fixed price servicing is applicable to current models only.

Please contact Morgan Works Servicing to discuss your needs.

CX Platform - Plus Four & Plus Six Servicing

 Interval ServiceFull Service
Check operation of all lights and electrical items
Check operation and condition of windscreen wipers and washer system
Check operation of seats and seat belts
Replace oil and filter
Check for leaks
Check cooling system level and for leaks
Check engine cooling fan operation
Check fuel system condition
Check alternator belt tension
Check steering system operation
Check steering column joints
Check suspension components
Check exhaust system condition
Check axle oil level
Check Clutch System for leaks and operation
Light lubrication of wing beads
Check Air Filter. Replace if required. Always replace at 10,000 miles / 2 years
Check condition of tyres and pressures
Visual check of brake system and operation
Check condition of front brakes
Check condition of rear brakes
Remove and Refit Road Wheels
Check and Re-charge Air Conditioning system every 2 Years if required
Check side screen fitment and adjust as required
Check doors for fitment carry out adjustments as required
Check operation of hood release mechanism adjust as required
Check brake fluid condition and report. Change every 2 Years.
Check anti-freeze content and concentration
Check wing stay bolts & top to valance bolts for security
Check and adjust Wheel alignment
Regrease bonnet tapes and catches
Light lubrication of bonnet hinges
Carry out diagnostics check and print out
Carry out latest software updates if required
Road Test Car
Additional items
Check Air Filter. Replace if required. Always replace at 10,000 miles / 2 years*
Brake fluid. Change at 2 Years
Remove spark plugs and check. Replace at 60,000 miles / 5 Years
Check gearbox oil level. Change at 60,000 miles / 5 Years
Check axle oil level. Change at 60,000 miles / 5 Years
Change coolant+A2. Change every 5 Years
Re-charge Air Conditioning system every 2 Years if required

CX Platform - Plus Four & Plus Six Pricing

Model Health Check (Excl. VAT) Interval Service (Excl. VAT) Full Service (Excl. VAT)
Plus Four £65.00 £411.17 £619.42
Plus Six £65.00 £428.27 £636.52

CX Platform

Please note: all prices are ex. VAT.

MMC recommends an Annual / 10,000 mile (whichever comes first) Service Regime. There are 2 types of service: Interval and Full, with a Full Service required at every second service.

Please note if you are a high mileage Morgan driver and/or operate the vehicle in dusty conditions, the vehicle may require additional service visits. Please discuss with your Morgan Dealer.

Health Check

Whether you are getting your Morgan out in anticipation for the Summer, putting it into hibernation for the Winter, or about to embark on a cross-continent road trip, a health check could be for you.

Proving a vital part of the Morgan Works Servicing customer offering, a health check costs just £65 (Excl. VAT). Carried out by our factory technicians, the health check looks at a range of parts within the following areas:

  • Underbonnet
  • External
  • Electrical
  • Wheels & tyres
  • Underside
  • Brakes & hubs

A health check is tailored depending on the time of year, and gives you piece of mind that your Morgan is running to the best of its ability.


At Morgan Works Servicing we are in the priveledged position of having direct access to the factory workshops including the Trim Shop. As such, we are able to cater for trim work ranging from a minor seat repair through to a complete retrim or hood replacement. Our workshop are able to source ‘like for like’ leather, with all work being carried out by the same craftsmen and women that trim each Morgan.


Morgan Works Servicing are pleased to operate alongside the factory paint and preparation departments. Carried out by the same skilled craftsmen who paint each new Morgan, we are able to facilitate everything from a smart repair through to a complete respray.

Booking and Courtesy Arrangements

The provenance of Morgan Works Servicing at Pickersleigh Road is such that many of our customers will travel from all over the UK and further afield to have their car maintained by us. We have a flexible and personal approach to maintaining your Morgan, and as such are happy to provide customers with a loan vehicle*, onward transport to a train station, collection and delivery can be arranged** and vehicle cleaning services. We are delighted to work with each customer to ensure their individual needs are looked after.

* Subject to availability and a daily loan charge, will require a copy of driving license and DVLA code

** Please contact us for a quotation

Official Morgan parts and Accessories

At Morgan Works Servicing we pride ourselves on being able to supply parts for Morgan models stretching back decades. We have access to an extensive range of genuine Morgan parts, and have the ability to craft bespoke items such as ash frames or body panels based on original drawings.

Whether increasing the performance capabilities or changing the visual appeal of your Morgan, we are able to discuss individual projects to upgrade and personalise any Morgan models using official Morgan parts and accessories.

All parts and accessories are covered under a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty.

Accident Repair and Insurance

In the unfortunate event that your Morgan is involved in an accident, our world leading facilities and experienced factory craftsmen and women are best placed to ensure you are quickly back on the road, and your Morgan is fully repaired to the highest standard. From a stone chip or dented panel through to a full rebuild, we have experience working with insurance companies and completing crash repairs on Morgans of all ages. There is no better place to take a Morgan needing crash repair than back to the factory where it was originally built.


Restoration is an important consideration for long established owners looking to give their Morgan a new lease of life, or new owners looking to restore their new pride and joy to its former glory. Where better than to take your Morgan home for restoration in the very same workshops where it was first built?

We are pleased to work with customers from around the world on individual restoration projects for Morgans of all ages. Working alongside the various production departments, we are able to coordinate a restoration that encompasses the very best craftsmanship, carried out by the highly skilled workforce here at Pickersleigh Road.

Every restoration is approached on a project by project basis, individually tailored to suit the needs of each customer.

The Morgan Experience

At Pickersleigh Road, the Morgan experience is everything. As a customer of Morgan Works Servicing, you will benefit from a wealth of opportunities to make your visit to the factory a memorable and worthwhile one. While you wait, why not take a latest Morgan model for a trip around the surrounding Malvern Hills, take a guided tour of the Morgan factory, or enjoy afternoon tea or lunch at Morgan’s on-site cafe. With plenty to do at the home of Morgan, you have a unique chance to make each service a day out and a reason to visit the factory.

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