Morgan and Orlebar Brown create the ultimate holiday ready Super 3

Morgan and Orlebar Brown create the ultimate holiday ready Super 3

Morgan and Orlebar Brown create the ultimate holiday ready Super 3

Morgan Motor Company has teamed up with resort wear and swimwear brand, Orlebar Brown, to create the ultimate holiday ready Super 3. Whilst all Morgan sports cars can be tailored to the individual tastes of their owner, this one-off Super 3 showcases a range of bespoke design features.

Morgan unveiled Super 3 in February 2022 and the first production cars are now in showrooms around the world.

The company’s history of creating bespoke special projects has lent itself perfectly to the collaboration with Orlebar Brown. Designers from both companies have worked together to create the unique specification.

The OB x Morgan Super 3 is finished in a pastel beige paint colour, combined with matching Khaki Sand technical fabric interior. Orlebar Brown’s unique red colourway features prominently throughout the vehicle. Several bespoke adaptations to the interior continue this theme, including a body colour instrument cluster, red cockpit bungee cords and a body colour OB liveried gearshift surround.

The exterior of the Super 3 features custom laser cut, geometric pattern sideblade luggage racks, with red bungee cords, a graphic applied to the sideblade mirrors the luggage rack pattern onto the bodywork.

Most strikingly, the OB x Morgan Super 3 has been adapted by the Morgan special projects team to enable the attachment of a bespoke sunshade canopy, allowing driver and passenger to seek shade from the sun. The removable canopy, with its body colour frame, is trimmed with the same Khaki Sand technical fabric as the interior of the car and fits to specially adapted mounts on the flyscreens and roll hoops.

The ultimate holiday ready Super 3 will be seen in some of Europe’s most exotic locations over the next 12 months.

To launch the collaboration, adventure photographer and visual artist Karl Shakur has taken the OB x Morgan Super 3 on its first road trip, capturing his adventures on and off the roads and beaches in locations around Wales.


“Beautifully designed cars appear on every mood board as design inspiration for OB collections. I am very excited to be working with Morgan, bringing their history of classic design, iconic cars and dedication to craftsmanship. Values that we share. And I cannot wait to drive this extraordinary OB car,”

Adam Brown, founder, Orlebar Brown

“Endlessly customisable, Super 3 is a statement of individuality, providing owners with a blank canvas to reflect their personality. The OB Super 3, produced in partnership with the team at Orlebar Brown, perfectly captures the essence of what Super 3 is about. Encompassing a host of unique elements, it has been hugely enjoyable to work with the OB designers to reflect their brand in this one-off vehicle.”

Jonathan Wells, Chief Design Officer, Morgan Motor Company
Morgan and Orlebar Brown create the ultimate beach ready OB Super 3

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