MORGAN & ME: Brian Houston

MORGAN & ME: Brian Houston

For NHS worker Brian, winning a prize draw was something that only happened to other people. Until he entered the BBC’s The Big Night In, that was, and this all-new Morgan Plus Four became his

“I’ve always wanted a soft top car, and I knew that one day I’d have one. A Morgan was beyond my wildest dreams – I couldn’t afford a new one and the older ones tend to stay in the hands of their owners for some quite considerable time. It’s a pride and joy for these people, so you don’t often see them come up for sale.

“But, in April, I became aware there was going to be a television programme on the BBC called The Big Night In, conducted by Comic Relief and Children In Need, which I understood Peter Kay was going to be on. I’ve always watched Peter Kay, because he comes up with some fantastic sketches.


“I didn’t know there would be a Morgan as a prize, but when I saw it I just said, ‘I’m going to apply for this’. The fact that it was raising money for the NHS was another reason I entered, because I’ve worked for the NHS in excess of 45 years, moving up from a clerical officer to the head of payroll services for my health board.



“Towards the end of the month, someone tried to call me four or five times. It was a withheld number, which I don’t normally answer, but eventually I decided to pick up. They told me that I had won but, honestly, I thought that it was a joke because I just couldn’t believe it. It transpired it wasn’t. When Morgan got in touch with me, it finally felt real.


“I spoke to Toby at Morgan, who guided me through the specification using the online configurator. I came up with about 20 possibilities but eventually narrowed it down. I settled on a car which transpired to be very similar to one of the cars used in the marketing photos: dark blue with tan leather.



“On the day it arrived I couldn’t eat – I was so excited. This big trailer arrived outside and this wee car rolled out the back of it. It was a fantastic sight to see it in the flesh, having never looked closely at a Morgan before. It was very much different to anything else I’ve driven, with the long bonnet – you’re sitting almost at the back axle! I was nervous as hell, but David from Morgan came out with me to help me familiarise myself with it, and said I was a natural at driving it.


“I’ve never driven anything as high performance as this. To be able to try out the acceleration is unbelievable. You’re thrown back when you floor the throttle. A couple of friends have said we need to organise a track day. They mentioned the Nürburgring but that’s a bit far away, so they suggested Knockhill which is local to me in Scotland. But I’ve also heard Donington Park is very good and flowing.



“I’ve had it a week and I’ve already done 400 miles in it. I intend to use it, not just put it in the garage over winter. After Covid, and once we’re back to normal, I want to take it out at weekends and days off to explore more of Scotland. I’ve joined the Morgan Sports Car Club, and there’s a classic car club in Stirling I might try and join up with. I plan to keep it forever, and then I’ll pass it on. My granddaughter, who’s only ten, has her eye on it…


“I took the car to work – that was an event and a half. I hope my boss doesn’t try and force me to sell it to raise more money for the NHS! My friends and family can’t believe it – like me they thought these competitions are won by someone else, not someone you actually know.”



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