Aero – Royal Blue metallic

€99,950 EUR

Since the introduction of the Aero8 at the beginning of this century, the Morgan Aero8 has been a striking and high-profile car. Clearly recognizable as Morgan by the design, but with a modern twist. Unique was the use of an aluminum chassis with bonding techniques from the aircraft industry. At that time almost no other car brand made use of this. In addition, the wings were manufactured by the so-called 'superform' technique, in which the aluminum is heated extremely before it is formed into its current shape. That a small car brand like Morgan was already working so progressively at that time was very special!

Over the years there have been different variants and the one we offer here comes from the fourth generation. That means that it has the facelift of the third series on the outside, but is equipped with the more powerful 4.8i V8 engine instead of the 4.4i that was used earlier. Most series 4 models were delivered with the automatic gearbox at the time, but for the purist nothing beats the manual gearbox, which this Morgan has.
This Aero8 has a Danish background and was imported to the Netherlands a few years ago by a real Morgan fan. We were then allowed to check this Morgan and put the finishing touches on it. The beautiful dark blue exterior color, the dark blue hood and the ivory colored leather are very chic. Everything shows that this enthusiast's car has driven few kilometers and that it has been treated well.

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  • Model: Aero
  • Colour: Royal Blue metallic
  • Engine: BMW N62 4,798 cc (2007 to 2018)
  • Year: 2010
  • Location:
  • Mileage: 42,000
  • Hood: Mohair
  • Trim: Leather
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