Introducing the new Plus Four & Plus Six

Introducing the new Plus Four & Plus Six

In line with its philosophy of continual evolution, Morgan Motor Company is reimagining its Plus Four and Plus Six models with a series of enhancements. The enhancements, which are being introduced as part of a formal recognition of a new ‘Plus’ line, will feature on all Plus Four and Plus Six models from January 2023.

A series of visual, dynamic, and technology updates, can be witnessed throughout each model.

The enhancements to the company’s latest Plus models are headlined by significant changes to the interior, offering greater levels of refinement, further personalisation opportunities and increased usability over earlier generations.


A new superformed aluminium dashboard and instrument panel can be specified in matte silver, matte black or matched to body colour, with the option to add a model designation to the passenger side of the dashboard. The dashboard will feature new instruments with updated face artwork. The instrument artwork is simplified, drawing inspiration from premium timepieces to exhibit a minimal and clutter-free aesthetic. 

Further to the updated instrument artwork, a new LCD information display screen has been incorporated into the dashboard design. Situated directly in front of the driver, the screen is larger and has a higher resolution than the previous screen. Updated screen graphics with enhanced animation, and the introduction of driving mode dependant backdrops, help to improve usability for drivers. The screen is subtle and displays strictly necessary information, continuing Morgan’s philosophy of using technology only where appropriate in its vehicles.

The introduction of a new range of marquetry veneers, which extend through the vehicle via its centre console, reinforce the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring. These marquetry veneers have been introduced to celebrate the natural materials, design, and form, synonymous with the Morgan marque. ‘Spokes In Flight’ and ‘Kinetic Diamond’ are an abstract portrayal of moving spokes, inspired by the spoked wheels that have featured on Morgan cars for decades. ‘Engineered’ – the third veneer option – features aluminium strips between wood, signifying the company’s use of the two core materials.   

Plus four interior
Morgan Plus door, featuring sennheiser speakers

A solid wooden lower rail coordinates with the centre column and is situated beneath the aluminium dashboard. Meticulously handcrafted by Morgan’s skilled craftspeople, the wooden lower rail can be configured in a range of different finishes and colours. Beneath the wooden lower rail sits a glovebox, a feature introduced for the first time ever on a Plus model. The glovebox is trimmed in matching leather and houses dual USB power sockets inside.

A new interior trim option, two-tone fabric, which contrasts on the seats and door cards, offers a mix of textures and has been designed specifically for the latest Plus models. Black pebble grain leather and black fabric is specified as standard, with a further six colours and leather grains available as an option. The fabric is woven from worsted wool using fine marl yarns and is paired with a complimentary leather, ensuring leather is used sparingly, to celebrate it as a fine material.


A range of dynamic enhancements to Plus are headlined by the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and an all-new braking system, developed alongside Continental and AP Racing. ESC will be introduced on all Plus Four and Plus Six models. The ESC has been tuned for each model and gearbox variant and can be switched between levels of assistance depending on driving mode.

Further to ESC, Morgan has developed bespoke gearbox calibrations in partnership with BMW for the automatic variant of Plus Four and Plus Six. These calibrations are integrated deeper into the vehicle and adapt gear shifting based on brake pressure and steering angle steering angle depending on whether in ‘normal’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Sport+’ mode.

The addition of airbags as standard, reinforce Morgan’s commitment to continually developing and evolving its products. Situated behind the new aluminium dashboard and within the steering wheel, the airbags represent a significant engineering project and exceed the homologation requirements for the vehicle.

Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six


Continuing its philosophy of combining traditional coachbuilding methods with the latest technology, Morgan is partnering with Sennheiser to offer a revolutionary audio system in its new Plus models. With more than 75 years of experience in audio and music, Sennheiser’s expertise is unparalleled.

Whilst previous iterations of Morgan sports car have offered an audio system, the audio experience of the Sennheiser solution is true to its premium reputation, surpassing any offering that has come before it. The Sennheiser sound system delivers an enveloping sound with a unique soundstage that takes audio fidelity to its highest level.


The new Plus models will be in Morgan dealerships from January 2023. Plus models will be showcased at several events from launch until the end of 2022, please click the register interest button below if you are interested in attending on any of the following dates:

Morgan Works London7th - 13th November
Auto Zurich7th - 13th November
Morgan Dusseldorf16th – 18th November
Morgan Works London18th – 20th November
Morgan Park Hamburg21st – 22nd November
Morgan Sweden23rd – 25th November
Morgan Bristol24th – 25th November
EuroMotor Stuttgart25th – 28th November
Morgan Suffolk1st – 2nd December
Morgan Utrecht1st – 2nd December

Morgan Surrey9th – 10th December

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