As a hand crafted, specialist sports car, it is important to ensure your Morgan is maintained to the highest standard by factory trained technicians. As a Morgan Main Dealer, Garage Beaumont run a fully equipped workshop with a team of highly experienced, Morgan trained technicians with knowledge of all products. Whether a routine service, a Summer or Winter health check, paint, trim or body shop work, restoration or motorsport upgrades, a Morgan Dealership is always the best place to take your Morgan. Welcome to the Garage Beaumont Service department.


For most Morgan models, regular servicing should occur annually or every 10,000 miles. The team at Garage Beaumont undergo regular factory training to ensure they remain familiar with the best techniques to look after the latest Morgan vehicles, and as a main dealership, have access to the latest diagnostic equipment. Garage Beaumont are also equipped to take your car for its compulsory annual test for safety and exhaust emissions of motor vehicles of more than a specified age, known as an MOT test in the UK.


From a minor scratch or paint mark through to a full rebuild, in the unfortunate event of an accident in your Morgan, it is always recommended that you visit an approved Morgan dealership for any repair work. Garage Beaumont are fully equipped to carry out repair work at any level, and with direct access to the Morgan factory, will be able to order any replacements parts that are required, safe in the knowledge that they are at the quality of those fitted to your Morgan when it was built.


Restoring any vehicle is a meticulous process that requires skill and attention to detail. A Morgan is no exception, and due to its hand build nature, requires an experienced and skilled team to undertake any level of restoration. Usually carried out on older Morgans, restorations require a unique skill set, Garage Beaumont have experience in Morgan restoration and the experience to undertake a restoration of your old Morgan.


Whether carried out in the Summer before an intense period of Morgan driving, or in the Winter before you put your Morgan into hibernation, a health check is a useful way to keep your Morgan maintained, and to ensure it is running to its full potential. As an experienced Morgan Dealership, Garage Beaumont are well placed to carry out a health check on your Morgan and recommend any service advisories.


From a small panel to a full car respray, Garage Beaumont have a paint shop and are equipped to carry out all levels of paint work. With over 40,000 different paint colours available from the Morgan Motor Company, Garage Beaumont have direct access to the factory database and will be able to match the paint of your existing Morgan, or assist with finding a new paint to give your existing Morgan a new lease of life.


Each Morgan cockpit is trimmed in the finest leather. Garage Beaumont have an in-house Trim Shop, and as such are able to carry out a range of trim work for your Morgan, from a small panel trim or enhancement, through to a full retrim. As a main dealership, Garage Beaumont have direct access to Morgan’s leather suppliers and are best placed to source ‘like for like’ leather.