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A series of visual, dynamic, and technology updates, can be witnessed throughout each model.

The enhancements to the company’s latest Plus models are headlined by significant changes to the interior, offering greater levels of refinement, further personalisation opportunities and increased usability over earlier generations.


A new superformed aluminium dashboard and instrument panel can be specified in matte silver, matte black or matched to body colour, with the option to add a model designation to the passenger side of the dashboard. The dashboard will feature new instruments with updated face artwork. The instrument artwork is simplified, drawing inspiration from premium timepieces to exhibit a minimal and clutter-free aesthetic. 

Further to the updated instrument artwork, a new LCD information display screen has been incorporated into the dashboard design. Situated directly in front of the driver, the screen is larger and has a higher resolution than the previous screen. Updated screen graphics with enhanced animation, and the introduction of driving mode dependant backdrops, help to improve usability for drivers. The screen is subtle and displays strictly necessary information, continuing Morgan’s philosophy of using technology only where appropriate in its vehicles.

The introduction of a new range of marquetry veneers, which extend through the vehicle via its centre console, reinforce the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring. These marquetry veneers have been introduced to celebrate the natural materials, design, and form, synonymous with the Morgan marque. ‘Spokes In Flight’ and ‘Kinetic Diamond’ are an abstract portrayal of moving spokes, inspired by the spoked wheels that have featured on Morgan cars for decades. ‘Engineered’ – the third veneer option – features aluminium strips between wood, signifying the company’s use of the two core materials.   

Plus four interior
Morgan Plus door, featuring sennheiser speakers

A solid wooden lower rail coordinates with the centre column and is situated beneath the aluminium dashboard. Meticulously handcrafted by Morgan’s skilled craftspeople, the wooden lower rail can be configured in a range of different finishes and colours. Beneath the wooden lower rail sits a glovebox, a feature introduced for the first time ever on a Plus model. The glovebox is trimmed in matching leather and houses dual USB power sockets inside.

A new interior trim option, two-tone fabric, which contrasts on the seats and door cards, offers a mix of textures and has been designed specifically for the latest Plus models. Black pebble grain leather and black fabric is specified as standard, with a further six colours and leather grains available as an option. The fabric is woven from worsted wool using fine marl yarns and is paired with a complimentary leather, ensuring leather is used sparingly, to celebrate it as a fine material.


A range of dynamic enhancements to Plus are headlined by the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and an all-new braking system, developed alongside Continental and AP Racing. ESC will be introduced on all Plus Four and Plus Six models. The ESC has been tuned for each model and gearbox variant and can be switched between levels of assistance depending on driving mode.

Further to ESC, Morgan has developed bespoke gearbox calibrations in partnership with BMW for the automatic variant of Plus Four and Plus Six. These calibrations are integrated deeper into the vehicle and adapt gear shifting based on brake pressure and steering angle steering angle depending on whether in ‘normal’, ‘Sport’ or ‘Sport+’ mode.

The addition of airbags as standard, reinforce Morgan’s commitment to continually developing and evolving its products. Situated behind the new aluminium dashboard and within the steering wheel, the airbags represent a significant engineering project and exceed the homologation requirements for the vehicle.

Morgan Plus Four and Plus Six


Continuing its philosophy of combining traditional coachbuilding methods with the latest technology, Morgan is partnering with Sennheiser to offer a revolutionary audio system in its new Plus models. With more than 75 years of experience in audio and music, Sennheiser’s expertise is unparalleled.

Whilst previous iterations of Morgan sports car have offered an audio system, the audio experience of the Sennheiser solution is true to its premium reputation, surpassing any offering that has come before it. The Sennheiser sound system delivers an enveloping sound with a unique soundstage that takes audio fidelity to its highest level.


The new Plus models will be in Morgan dealerships from January 2023. Plus models will be showcased at several events from launch until the end of 2022, please click the register interest button below if you are interested in attending on any of the following dates:

Morgan Works London7th - 13th November
Auto Zurich7th - 13th November
Morgan Dusseldorf16th – 18th November
Morgan Works London18th – 20th November
Morgan Park Hamburg21st – 22nd November
Morgan Sweden23rd – 25th November
Morgan Bristol24th – 25th November
EuroMotor Stuttgart25th – 28th November
Morgan Suffolk1st – 2nd December
Morgan Utrecht1st – 2nd December

Morgan Surrey9th – 10th December

Morgan x Malle London create the ultimate adventure ready Super 3 Wed, 26 Oct 2022 09:48:59 +0000 Morgan is excited to reveal a special Super 3, created in collaboration with Malle London, this ultimate adventure ready Super 3 features several bespoke details designed and engineered in house by the Morgan special projects division. This Super 3 supported riders in the Great Malle Mountain Rally, taking on a challenging 1,500-mile route through the Alps from Innsbruck to Monaco last month.
Super 3 has adventure and touring at its core and this Morgan x Malle Super 3 has been created to celebrate the model’s adventurous character. One of the very first production Super 3 to roll off the line at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road site, the Morgan x Malle Super 3 is finished in Sport Black with a contrast white cowl, yellow fly screens and an all-black interior.

The most striking, and completely bespoke, visual adaptations come in the form of a side-mounted LED searchlight, CB radio with long-range antenna and a special Malle support vehicle livery all developed by the Morgan special projects division. More discreet, but equally important for the ultimate adventure, are the additional accessory rails, extra camera mounting points and a flagpole mount on the roll hoop.

This special Super 3, support vehicle 02, was joined by Super 3 support vehicle 01 on the Great Malle Mountain Rally at the end of September. 75 riders from around the world were led by two Super 3 on an epic 1500-mile, six-day route that weaved through famous mountain passes in the Dolomites and the Swiss, French and Italian Alps on route to the finish line in Monaco. Super 3 proved its adventure capabilities in what proved to be the longest motorcycle rally ever completed across the entire Alps mountain range.

The creation of this special adventure ready Super 3 is the latest continuation of the partnership between Morgan and Malle London that began during the early stages of Super 3 development. The Super 3 features flat panels that run along its side, known as sideblades, that have been specially adapted for luggage, allowing the two companies to work together to develop purpose-built motorcycle style panniers. Beyond panniers, Morgan and Malle have also collaborated to create the Morgan x Malle Driver’s Collection, that includes a rugged and durable jacket and knee guard, suitable for the most extreme adventures and available now from the Morgan shop.

Morgan Motor Company appoints Thomas Kiesele as Chief Commercial Officer Wed, 20 Jul 2022 09:24:13 +0000

Morgan Motor Company is excited to welcome Thomas Kiesele, who joins the company as Chief Commercial Officer.

Reporting directly to Chief Executive Officer, Massimo Fumarola, Thomas will be responsible for the sales and aftersales functions of the business, helping to shape a strategy that develops commercial opportunities for Morgan globally.

Thomas brings 30 years of automotive industry experience to Morgan, having worked for some of the world’s leading premium and luxury automotive brands.

He joins Morgan following the successful introduction of Super 3 – the latest addition to the company’s model range – which joins Plus Four and Plus Six.

Thomas Kiesele, Chief Commercial Officer, Morgan Motor Company, commented: “I am incredibly proud to join the Morgan Motor Company, a unique and celebrated British brand with a promising future. I am excited about the role I’ll play in growing Morgan internationally and helping to achieve the potential of the brand. I look forward to supporting our community of customers and dealerships.”

Massimo Fumarola, Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Motor Company, commented “We are delighted to welcome Thomas Kiesele to the Morgan Motor Company in the key position of Chief Commercial Officer. Thomas brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge that will prove critical in maximising business opportunities for Morgan. We will leverage Thomas’ experience in the premium and luxury sectors as we continue to strengthen the Morgan brand at what is an exciting time in our history.”

Morgan pledges its support to the Armed Forces Community Tue, 14 Jun 2022 09:50:39 +0000

The Morgan Motor Company has signed the Armed Forces Covenant, pledging its support to those who serve and have served the nation and their families. The signing of the Covenant furthers the work the company is already engaged in with service charity, Mission Motorsport, The Force’s Motorsport Charity

The signing took place on Saturday 11 June at the Morgan Experience Centre during the company’s bi-monthly “Meet at Morgan” event. Representatives from Mission Motorsport, the Armed Forces and Morgan Motor Company were present, with Morgan Executive Chairman, Steve Morris, and Colonel Chris Ledsham, signing the Covenant.

Colonel Chris Ledsham (left) and Steve Morris (right)

The Malvern based company has already employed several service leavers and has a reservist policy in place. Further to this, a joint motorsport project between Morgan, Mission Motorsport and the University of Wolverhampton witnessed the creation of a specially adapted Plus Four race car to allow paraplegic veterans the opportunity to compete using hand controls. Steve Binns, a Mission Motorsport beneficiary, was reunited with the Plus Four – which was on display at the event – that he had raced last November at Anglesey Circuit for the Race of Remembrance.

Mission Motorsport beneficiaries were also integral in the durability testing of the new Morgan Super 3, supporting Morgan’s engineering team with the development programme for the all-new model.

Morgan at Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance

Morgan continues its support of Mission Motorsport, with all proceeds from its Meet At Morgan events in 2022 being donated to the charity. You can view the remaining event dates and themes here.

Steve Morris, Executive Chairman, Morgan Motor Company, said: “I am immensely proud to sign the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of Morgan Motor Company. The signing of the covenant – and with it our formal support of the Armed Forces community – continues the work we have been carrying out with Mission Motorsport for several years. From motorsport and model development through to careers and charity events, we have identified areas across the business where we can support the community and honour their sacrifice.”

James Cameron, CEO, Mission Motorsport, said: “The Morgan Motor Company is a British institution, where the history of the company and its people are interwoven with that of the Armed Forces community.  While custodians of a unique history, this is also a company whose contribution is very current – we’ve been so delighted that their work is being recognised by MoD for the very real impact that it is having.”

Platinum Jubilee: Morgan Motor Company in 1952 Thu, 02 Jun 2022 07:33:56 +0000

As people around the country – and the world – come together to congratulate Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee, we’ve taken the opportunity to delve into our archives and provide a snapshot of how the Morgan Motor Company looked in 1952, the year that The Queen came to the throne.

By 1952, the Morgan Motor Company was already fast approaching half a century in business. H.F.S. Morgan was Chairman and remained at the helm of the company he had founded some 43 years earlier. He was now joined by his son, Peter, who was also on the board of directors working alongside Managing Director, George Goodall.

Plus 4 Drop Head Coupé, 1952

The Factory

We are of course still operating from the same factory site in 2022 that we were in 1952. In fact, Morgan production at Pickersleigh Road began in 1914, just five years after the first Runabout was built.

By 1952, ‘The Works’ had been extended from two workshops (also known as rows) to seven and now included the Wood Mill, Machine Shop, Paint Shop and Sheet Metal Shop. Whilst many of these workshops have changed location on today’s site, the iconic red brick buildings remain and help to give Pickersleigh Road its historical identity.

Whilst no exact employee records remain from the early 1950s, it is expected that around 100 employees formed the workforce, with the majority of these being in production roles supported by administrators and management.

Chassis records show that 238 Plus 4 were despatched during 1952. 

The 1952 brochure showing the three Plus 4 model variants available

The Model Range

1952 represented the last year of original Morgan three-wheeler production. As such, just 16 F-types were built. Priced at £270 for the F-4 and £285 for the F-Super, these models would be the last of the line until the Morgan 3 Wheeler was reborn in 2011.

The mainstay of production was Plus 4, powered by the Standard Vanguard engine. Three model variants of Plus 4 were offered, these were the Plus 4 Tourer – in two-seater and four-seater variants – and Plus 4 Drop Head Coupé.

The range brochure at the time stated that there were four paint choices available, these were Black, British Racing Green, Nile Blue or Carnation Red. The standard upholstery was Black, and customers were politely advised that “Any deviation from the above will entail an extra charge of £5 for Paint Work and £5 for Upholstery.”

The 1952 brochure featured a detailed specification of the Plus 4


Throughout its 113 years in business, Morgan has been closely linked to motorsport and competition in various forms. It was therefore no surprise that a “Works” team won the 1952 R.A.C. International Rally, which raced from Hastings to Scarborough and featured a number of other prominent marques.

1952 R.A.C. International Rally 'Works' Team

Further images and material from the 1952 brochure and the Morgan archives are shown below.

Discover more about Morgan’s history, as well as its present and future, during a factory tour and a delve into the company archives in The Archive Room, Morgan’s new interactive museum.

Morgan to showcase 21st Century Coachbuilding at London Craft Week 2022 Thu, 28 Apr 2022 14:14:23 +0000

Join us at Morgan Works London this May for London Craft Week as we relocate our production line away from Malvern Link for the first time since 1909.  A selection of our master craftspeople will spend the week at our flagship dealership, Morgan Works London, demonstrating their rare coachbuilding skills. 

We’re taking over the dealership to transform it into a production line, showcasing Morgan’s unique mix of craft and technology known as 21st Century Coachbuilding.

There will be two main themes to Morgan’s London Craft Week, the first is an open house running for the entire week, the second is an evening event on Thursday 12 May.

21st Century Coachbuilding | Open House

Dates: 10th – 13th May
Times: 10am – 5pm daily
Tickets: It’s an open house format, just turn up and enjoy!

As well as the open house, we’re also delighted to be joined by Morgan Senior Designer, Thomas Brainwood, and Morgan owner and entrepreneur, Dave Burt, who will be hosting an “In Discussion” evening on Thursday 12th May.

Talking all things design, craft and bespoke, this is an evening event that is free to attend and open to all (registration required). Refreshments will be available for the evening and attendees will have the chance to join the discussion with questions.

21st Century Coachbuilding | In Discussion

Date: Thursday 12th May
Times: 6pm – 9pm 
Tickets: Free to register here

Thomas Brainwood, Morgan Senior Designer

Where is Morgan Works London?

Morgan Motor Company Announces Changes to its Leadership Team Tue, 26 Apr 2022 10:49:19 +0000

To help build on recent successes and future-proof the marque, the Morgan Motor Company is delighted to be strengthening its leadership team with the appointment of Steve Morris to Executive Chairman and Massimo Fumarola as Chief Executive Officer from today (26 April 2022).

Massimo Fumarola, CEO (left) and Steve Morris, Executive Chairman (right)

Steve, who is entering his 40th year with the company, will be working alongside Massimo, who joins from Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. where he was Chief Project Management Officer and a member of the Management Board.

Massimo’s arrival comes at a key strategic time for Morgan, the company have recently revealed the all-new Super 3, and are actively looking towards the future. Morgan’s focus is upon realising the growth set out in the business plan along with developing products that are appealing to its customers and compliant with future legislative standards.

Steve’s new role remains full time, with the wider management team reporting to Massimo.  Massimo and Steve will be jointly responsible for business objectives and will, alongside the Morgan management team, develop the business plan for 2023 and beyond.

Things have never stood still at Morgan, the business will continue to evolve, exciting and delighting its customers and admirers as it has for 113 years.

Read the press release here.

Steve Morris, Executive Chairman of Morgan Motor Company , commented “This is an extremely important appointment for the Morgan Motor Company. Massimo joins Morgan at a time when it is perfectly primed and positioned for future growth and further success. Therefore, it’s crucial that we have found someone of Massimo’s calibre, passion, and experience to work alongside me to help further cement the company’s recognition as one of the world’s most iconic sports car brands.” “On a personal note, I feel incredibly proud to be entering my 40th year at the company as Executive Chairman. To have led a team at Morgan that is, without doubt, the driving force behind many of Morgan’s notable successes is incredibly satisfying. Managing change is an important aspect of business leadership, I have established an ethos and ability for Morgan to embrace change and identify opportunity. This has become one of the inimitable traits of Morgan, one that gives Morgan the capability to adapt and prosper. I am excited to work with Massimo for many years to come and to see the company reach even greater heights of success, underpinned by passion, soul, heritage, and distinctive products."

Massimo Fumarola, Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Motor Company, also commented “Morgan Motor Company has a unique reputation for its rich heritage, distinctive styling, and superlative craftsmanship. As a sports car enthusiast, it’s an enormous honour to join such an iconic brand as CEO and work together with Steve to help amplify everything the company stands for. When I was a young boy, our neighbour had a Morgan, and I dreamt of driving a Morgan myself one day. For me, a Morgan is the best combination of pure vehicle dynamics, light-weight design, driving pleasure, quality refinement, functional design, and courageous engineering. Morgan sports cars are not about performances, they are about a truly authentic, unconventional and exhilarating driving experience. They stand for joy, freedom, individuality, self-confidence and aspirational lifestyle. Morgan has a timeless value proposition to ensure a best sensory customer engagement. I look forwards to working together with the team and with our dealers to promote this unique brand globally”.

2022 Morgan model range photographed at the Morgan Experience Centre, Malvern
Introducing Super 3, the all-new Morgan Thu, 24 Feb 2022 10:43:14 +0000

The long-awaited new chapter in Morgan’s three-wheeled history has been unveiled today with the introduction of the all-new Morgan Super 3. With a wealth of content and information to consume, we’ve collated everything here in one place for you to discover all the detail on the company’s most configurable model yet.

The Morgan Super 3 is the company’s most configurable model to date. With a limitless combination of options of available, including cup holders, panniers, navigation systems and full vehicle liveries, it’s time to get tailoring! Visit the Super 3 configurator from your desktop.

Steve Morris, Chariman & CEO, Morgan Motor Company, said: “Following on from the incredible success of the outgoing Morgan 3 Wheeler has been no easy task. When we first decided to reintroduce it back in 2011, the company couldn’t have imagined just how popular and successful the V-twin model would be. The Morgan 3 Wheeler represents something different, something unique and something to be celebrated. As we launch Super 3, I am confident that our latest three-wheeled offering is as relevant as ever.

We have developed this vehicle at a time when the industry, and the wider world, has been challenged beyond comprehension. Yet our engineering and design teams, along with our project partners, have been able to deliver a fitting new chapter to Morgan’s three-wheeled story.

The all-new Morgan Super 3 introduces new levels of engineering integrity to Morgan, a new sense of adventure to the brand and a new design language that indicates our future direction.”