Morgan forges a new path with Plus Four CX-T

Morgan has a long history in trialling, the all-terrain endurance events which test man and machine to their very limits. As early as 1911, Morgan sports cars were competing – and winning – in these competitions around the UK.

All-new Morgan Plus Four breaks cover

The all-new Morgan Plus Four has today been officially unveiled. Featuring a bonded aluminium platform and a 255 bhp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, it heralds a new dawn for the company.

Pashley Morgan

Two iconic British companies, Pashley Cycles and Morgan Motor Company to collaborate on range of hand crafted bicycles

Morgan V8 – The Final Performance

Morgan Motor Company and UWRacing compete for the first time in the Mission Motorsport Race of Remembrance 2018, held at Anglesey Circuit on 11th November 2018.