Morgan Berlin is an official Morgan Dealership based in the capitol of Germany, Berlin. Morgan Berlin is proud to represent the Morgan Motor Company. As an official Morgan Dealership, Morgan Berlin are authorised to sell new and used Morgan vehicles, as well as providing Aftersales services for existing models and the supply of official Morgan parts.


Since the first Morgan vehicles were developed and produced in the early 1900’s, the Morgan Motor Company have operated and traded through officially authorised ‘Main Dealerships’. Today, the company sells into over 30 countries worldwide, through 60 officially authorised Dealerships. Honesty, quality workmanship and attention to detail are all at the forefront of the service that a Morgan Dealer offers. We like to think of Morgan Dealerships as an extension of the factory. Wherever in the world you visit a Morgan Dealership you will sample a small piece of the heritage, craftsmanship and character found at the original Malvern Link site. ​​

“Every Morgan is expertly hand crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather.”


As an official Morgan dealership, Morgan Berlin encompass facilities that are approved by the Morgan Motor Company and as such, are ideally placed to assist customers with a new Morgan order, carry out all levels of servicing and repair, sell official Morgan parts and accessories, and sell used Morgan vehicles of all ages.

Morgan Berlin have the following, factory approved facilities:

  • New cars
  • Used cars
  • Servicing
  • Parts & Accessories


Begin your Morgan journey by contacting our vehicle sales department.

Karsten Meyer
Tel: 0049 30 8866 7888 0
Email: [email protected]

Waitzstrasse 14
10629 Berlin


Our Morgan Factory trained technicians will provide the highest quality workmanship and ensure that your vehicle receives the care and consideration that it deserves.

Frederik Zander


We supply genuine Morgan Parts and Accessories so that your vehicle can remain as original as the day that it left the Morgan Factory.

Ludwig Tesch