Peace Restored

When peace returned in 1918 Morgan was one of the first manufacturers to resume full production mainly due to the simplicity of the design. Most manufacturing operations were now moved from the original Worcester Road works to the new factory in Pickersleigh Road. Almost immediately the new works were enlarged, with extensions to the two existing workshops and the construction of two additional workshops further down the hill to the east. Harry Morgan’s eldest daughter Sylvia laid the foundation stone for the extensions and the new works were officially opened on 16th October 1919. To celebrate the occasion, a dinner dance was held in the new paint shop (Row 4) for the employees, their families and friends, many of whom having returned from military service resumed their former jobs at Morgans. There was cause for further celebrations the following month when Peter Morgan was born on 3rd November, the only boy of Harry & Ruth Morgan’s five children.

History Photo 16