The Lifecar

To emphasise the Morgan Motor Company’s commitment to environmentally clean, efficient sports cars, in 2008 the remarkable LIFE car was developed in collaboration with QinetiQ and other high-tech organisations. This advanced hydrogen fuel cell powered car is designed to achieve the equivalent of 150 m.p.g., using electrical power stored in a bank of ultra capacitors and fed to 4 super-efficient electric motor-generators connected directly to each driving wheel. The system includes regenerative braking technology, thus capturing up to 50% of kinetic energy during braking and deceleration which would otherwise be lost. The chassis and body are pure Morgan, using a chassis developed from the Aero, fitted with lightweight aluminium panels assembled around an advanced wooden frame.

The remarkable response to the AeroMax encouraged the Morgan design team to develop another exciting supercar based on the proven Aero chassis. Forward of the windscreen, the car retained the sleek lines of the other Aeros, aft of the cockpit Matthew Humphries and his team designed a distinctive new shape. This now featured a capacious boot which would also accommodate the removable roof panels giving drivers the option of open air motoring in favourable conditions. Power came from the BMW B4.8 N62 engine which had been used in the Aero models since February 2008.