Le Mans

The 4-4 maintained Morgan’s reputation for building fine performance cars. In 1937 a few special sports 4-4 models were built for racing fitted with 1098 c.c. Coventry Climax engines developing 42 b.h.p. with balanced crankshafts. In 1938 Miss Prudence Fawcett, a 25 year-old novice driver with little previous competition experience, entered for the Le Mans 24-hour race in a Morgan 4-4 tuned and prepared at the works. Together with co-driver Geoff White, Prudence completed the 24 hours finishing 13th overall and qualifying for the Biennial Cup. Geoff White returned To Le Mans in 1939 and together with co-driver ’Dick’ Anthony, came 15th overall and second in class.


1938 saw the Climax engine replaced by an overhead valve power unit from the Standard Motor Company, developed from their 9 h.p. side valve engine. This was specially built for Morgan at the express wish of Sir John Black of Standard, who had been a friend of H.F.S. Morgan for many years and as a young draughtsman had produced the patent drawings for the first Runabout in 1910. The new engine was linked to a Moss gearbox mounted centrally in the chassis and connected to the 5-1 rear axle by a short propeller shaft. The chassis were fitted with rod and cable 8″ diameter Girling brakes.