The Cyclecars

The factory experimented with other designs such as a four-seater for Mr Morgan and his family, although this car didn’t go into production at that time. Cars were built in ever-increasing numbers in Worcester Road, Malvern Link. Not only was the Morgan one of the first Cyclecars, it was without doubt, the best engineered, the most reliable, and the most successful vehicle in its class which set the standards for all other manufacturers to follow. It featured a simple two speed transmission (fast and very fast), but no reverse gear (to go backwards required gravity, or the driver had to get out and push). Engines were usually J.A.P. V-twins, although the simplicity of the chassis design allowed many other types to be fitted. The Morgan Motor Company was formed as a private Limited Company in 1912 with the Reverend H.G. Morgan as Chairman and his son as Managing Director. In June 1912 Harry married Hilda Ruth Day, the younger daughter of Rev. Archibald Day, Vicar of St.Matthias’s Church in Malvern Link. The couple departed for a honeymoon in Wales in a very smart Runabout, rather appropriately painted white.