Birth of the Plus 8

In 1966 the Triumph TR engine was nearing the end of its life and a suitable replacement was sought. The Rover Motor Company offered the forthcoming aluminium Rover V8 engine. Mr. Maurice Owen joined the firm to take charge of development on the new car, the Morgan Plus Eight, and this model was announced to the public at the Earls Court Motor Show of 1968 (Photo 49). The Plus 8 maintained Morgan’s reputation on the race track as seen here with the second prototype MMC11 (Photo 50). This proved to be one of the most successful cars that the company has ever built and production continued for 36 years until the model was discontinued in 2004. In the late 1960s the Morgan Motor Company acquired additional factory buildings to the south of the existing site. This allowed a modest expansion to the Pickersleigh Road operations.


History Photo 50