Made from 1936 to 2018, the 4/4 proudly holds the record as the longest running production vehicle in the world. It became a darling of the automotive industry, exciting and delighting owners worldwide. A nimble and agile drivers’ car, the 4/4 featured a body aesthetic narrower that its contemporary Plus 4.

The 4/4 represented the purest Morgan driving experience available and was unapologetically analogue in its approach. Featuring as the entry level into the Morgan range, its character was charming and likeable, with many owners considering themselves custodians, preserving their 4/4 for future generations.

Driving a 4/4 is an exciting and involving experience – the driver will change up and down the gearbox with ease, blipping the throttle on gear shifts and extracting the most from the skinny tyres.

From 2009 to the end of the model’s production in 2018, the Morgan 4/4 was powered by a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine developing 110 bhp, coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. What the 4/4 gives away in power versus other Morgan models, it more than makes up for in character and ‘smiles per miles’ fun.

Technical Specification

Engine Ford Sigma 1600cc

Gearbox Mazda 5-speed manual

Max power 82 kW (110 bhp) @ 6000 rpm

Max torque 131 Nm (97 lb ft)

Acceleration 0–62 mph (100 kph) 8.0 seconds

Top speed 117 mph (188 kph)

Combined MPG 44.1 mpg (6.4 litres/100km)

Combined CO2 143 g/km

Dry weight 795 kg