21st Century Coachbuilding

Morgan Motor Company is one of the world’s pre-eminent coachbuilders. The artisanal skills used to handcraft each Morgan have been passed down through generations and honed over decades. Throughout the Morgan production line and within every Morgan model, these traditional skills are mixed with appropriate modern technology. This unique blend is best characterised as 21st Century Coachbuilding, a term the company has defined to help demonstrate it’s unique position within the automotive world.

Using three core elements – ash, aluminium and leather – every Morgan is expertly crafted at Pickersleigh Road, the historic home of Morgan since 1914 and the only place in the world where Morgan sports cars are built. 

“Expertly hand crafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather.”


Wood has been used to build Morgan cars for generations and is essential to modern Morgan production and the principle of 21st Century Coachbuilding. Lightweight, durable, and flexible to work with, English ash is the most suitable type of wood and is exclusively used to build the frame of every Morgan.

Both Plus Four and Plus Six feature an ash body frame that has been designed in CAD (Computer Aided Design) yet is meticulously handmade from start to finish by one of the company’s master craftspeople.

The frame acts as the structure from which the aluminium body panels are formed. Perfected over generations, traditional techniques ensure the precision of every tenon joint and laminated curve.

“Ash wood has featured in Morgan cars for decades. It grows straight, features very few knots and is beautiful to work with.”


Working with lightweight aluminium, the highly-skilled craftsmen in the Sheet Metal Department fuse traditional techniques with ultra-modern processes. This achieves the free-flowing panels that adorn the body of each Morgan. Rolled edges and hand-stamped louvres meet superformed aluminium wings and laser-cut panels in a charming marriage of craft and technology.

The iconic Morgan bonnet is the pinnacle of aluminium craftsmanship in the sheet metal shop. It takes years to master the perfect symmetrical curve of the bonnet and stamp a flawless line of louvres down its length.

“The use of aluminium ensures that each Morgan model is lightweight and exciting to drive.”


The cockpit of a Morgan offers a delight for the senses. Each of our cars requires at least four hides of the finest leather to trim, a task that takes our craftsmen over 30 hours to complete.

We offer a full spectrum of leather colours and a wide variety of finishing touches. Natural aniline leathers exude the texture and quality needed to align with the highest standards of British craftsmanship.

“The finest leather is used in each Morgan car. A wide spectrum of colour choices are available.”

“All Morgan vehicles are an expert blend of craftsmanship and technology”